Our Farm

Here at Hall Farm we are proud to produce great quality, grass-fed British Beef.  On our 7th generation family farm, set in the Suffolk countryside and running alongside the River Waveney we have been rearing cattle for over 100 years.

Our Red Angus herd are grass-fed and have over 160 acres of meadows to graze upon.  We take pride in our values and our cattle's welfare in order to produce quality and sustainable beef while minimising our environmental impact; no hormones or unnecessary antibiotics are used. 

We run a closed herd, meaning all of our cattle are born and raised on the farm, helping to keep our cows healthy.

- Tom & Fiona

Our Butcher

We are delighted to use the local and multi-award winning The Barn Butchery and Farm Shop to prepare our beef. Located 30 minutes from the farm it helps to keep our food miles to a minimum.

All our meat is vacuum packed and delivered directly to the farm for us to box up and send out. Our beef boxes are delivered in thermal lined boxes and ice packs.